Of all the material you might find in an archive at a Presidential Library, who would have thought you’d find actual material?

Eleanor Roosevelt Papers: Visit of British Royalty 1939, Preparations for Visit.

Stapled to a press release preceding the 1939 Royal Visit by the King and Queen of England are two fabric swatches of wool from gowns to be made for Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth. The gowns were to be worn as a friendly gesture to the International Wool Growers of Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States. The “Queen’s Blue” swatch, chosen by Queen Elizabeth, was made using American wool while the “Azure Blue” swatch for Eleanor Roosevelt was made from British wool.

Just imagine what it would have been like wearing wool in Washington D.C. in June!

To read the full press release, click the following: Wool Fabric Swatches. For more information about the 1939 Royal Visit, check out this special feature from our website.